What makes Yobo


Yobo, Inc. was created in as a response to the growing need for developers capable of creating, updating, and maintaining quality custom software. Many of our partners were abandoned by their previous developers and were at a loss for what to do.

Yobo ( 여보 ) means “darling” in Korean. We pride ourselves on helping others to grow their businesses. We strive to maintain our relationships with our partners so they never need to worry about the state of their software.

We are a women and minority owned company based in Richmond, VA and boast a small, flexible, and responsive team of approximately 20 people. Our relationships are not limited by distance, however – we work with our partners no matter where they are.

Our Vision

Accessible Solutions for Complex Needs

Your technology is an investment. Our primary goal is to do everything we can to help develop and grow your business. As a small business ourselves, we know first hand that one of the largest hurdles many of our Partners face is accessibility – either in software costs or in understanding your technology needs.

Our team works alongside each of our Partners, evaluating their business processes and needs to build a solution that will help them grow their business without any of the technical jargon. Each of our solutions are custom-fit for each business, ensuring that our Partners are able to generate growth and increased revenue.

Whether it’s helping you set up your business for remote work or partnering with you to build a custom piece of software, we strive to help you make your business bigger, better, and more awesome than it already was before we met you. Your success is our success. We will be here to support you as you grow.

Our Mission

Community First

In addition to fostering the growth of our Partners, we also work to foster the growth of our community. Richmond, VA is a “big small city” bursting to life with young artists and engineers who need help accessing the resources they need to achieve their dreams. 

Yobo, Inc. is a women and minority owned company that offers extensive training and educational resources for students and career-switchers alike. We partner with local schools, clubs, and universities to help the budding talent in our wonderful home city bloom. We take pride in creating a safe place to work for anyone from anywhere.

Our team thrives when we work alongside other small businesses, non-profits, and charities to grow their influence and reach their goals. By celebrating and embracing the differences between each other, and coming together to build each other up, we can create better software, better experiences, and a better community.

Our Partners

Richweb, Inc.

Our first partner is Richweb, who provides us with their amazing networking services. John and Jordan started working with Richweb over 10 years ago and learned everything about programming, management, and life from their mentors Jon Larsen and Mark Lea. The majority of our technology stack is hosted with Richweb, protected by their Firewalls and routing. We wouldn’t trust our data anywhere else. We’re so close, we even rent our office from Mark!

Paessler Americas

Yobo is Paessler Americas’ Official Certified Training partner. Jordan has been working with Paessler longer than most of the employees there have. Jordan’s team currently helps Paessler Americas train Paessler’s own staff as well as build complicated sensors for proprietary devices.

Pixel Factory

Pixel Factory is so close to our office you can see them from our front door. We rent our training server rack from them that we use to do our internships and our PRTG Certified Training Expert courses.

WKH Solutions

WKH is Yobo’s marketing, social media, and SEO partner. We’ve been working with Susan Craven Johnson over there since we were founded, and she helped Elianna a ton getting information about how to get certified as a woman owned business. We currently help them with their programming implementations, and the marketing/SEO work stays with them.

Our Offices

Your success is our success.

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